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Convert excel files to CSV files. Makes data loading really easy. Sound familiar? You have an application or website for your business. This app has a CSV import feature. Your suppliers send you excel files with the products listed with prices in their own currency. Each excel file is in a different format which suits the supplier but not you. You spend hours at a time trying to edit the excel files and sheets into the format you need and save them as a CSV.

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GlobeTrack is a specialist in Tour Operator Software and we are continually working to find better solutions for our clients. From simple reports that assist in decision making to complex functionality that will make working life easier.

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Rianu is an innovative online marketing tool that will help you to grow your online presence and market to customers more efficiently. Rianu allows you to put your marketing and lead generation on autopilot and still get your message through to both customers and prospects. Let Rianu do the work, whilst you get on with running your business.

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We provide alerting when the there are issues on the cloud. We monitor Amazon Web services (AWS), Windows Azure and Google Cloud, if there is a service interruption we provide alerts so you can know what might effect your service or product.

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Convert Excel files to CSV files

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