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Integrating Cloudstatus to other systems just got better and easier. We've been asking for some feedback from our users and for some a custom webhook was enough, a number asked for Pagerduty or Victorops and Runscope. So we did it.

Cloudstatus Connect

Connecting Cloudstatus into your workflow is now better. We've added expanded the services you can connect to. In addition to Slack we now offer custom webhooks, Runscope, Pagerduty and Victorops.

With these services added. If we get an event for something you depend on we can call Runscope and trigger your API testing of your site.


Runscope is an API testing and monitoring tool. With Runscope you can run scheduled tests of your websites API services.

Cloudstatus uses the trigger url for the tests to call them when we have a notification. This then will run your tests for you and Runscope will report if it doesn't get a 200 response.


Pagerduty is a dashboard for Ops teams, it helps IT Operations and DevOps teams deliver on the promise of agility, performance, and uptime. Keeping your team updated with what is going on.

Cloudstatus can post a incident into the Pagerduty dashboard and let your ops team know what is going on.


VictorOps is an operations dashboard for IT and DevOps teams. Creating an alert to keep your team informed.

Cloudstatus can drop an alert straight into VictorOps for you when there is an event on the services you want us to monitor. Letting your team know what is going on and giving them the information.


Slack is a messaging dashboard for teams.

Cloudstatus can post an alert to a slack channel using an incoming Webhook.


A custom Webhook can be used to send a information from Cloudstatus to any service you want. Just provide the URL for the service you wish to call and Cloudstatus will send a payload with a Text message of the issue.

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Last Update: August 21, 2018

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