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I decided to run my own registry, the more I got into docker and the more stuff I wanted to run I decided to give it a try.

It's very straight forward to spin up an Azure Container registry


There are 3 tiers to the pricing for an Azure Container Registry.


Price Per Day: EUR 0.141

Storage:  10 GB

Total Web Hooks: 2


Price Per Day: EUR 0.563

Storage:  100 GB

Total Web Hooks: 10


Price Per Day: EUR 1.406

Storage:  500 GB

Total Web Hooks: 100 - Can request more

Geo Replication: EUR 1.406 per region.

Additional Storage

Basic, Standard, Premium  €0.003/day Per GB

Create Azure Container Registry

In the Market place, head to the "Containers" Option, select the "Container Registry"

Create an Azure Container Registry

Then we need to setup our new registry.

Azure Container Registry

Once you create the new registry we wait for Azure to create it and tell us it's ready.

Azure Container registry

Next we need to get access to our new registry so we can log in and load our images. In the registry menu, select "Access Keys" - I set the admin user to enable so I can use a username / password to access my container registry.

Azure Container Registry Access Keys

Once you have these we need to log into it from docker, by default docker will log into docker hub.

docker login

This will then prompt for the username / password from the Azure container registry Access keys.

That's it your now logged into your own Container registry.

To push an image to your own registry you need to tag the image as your registry.

docker tag demowebapp
docker push

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Last Update: September 10, 2018

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