Introducing the Bootstrapper series

By James Kenny
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I read a lot of newsletters, blog posts and books. Listen to a lot of podcasts around different topics but all of them, well OK, not all but most of them are related to building a business, growing a brand and generally being awesome on the internet.

I have been making notes and trying to share some of the interesting things that I think could help other people. I've also been trying to use these ideas that I've been gathering up.

That's how this series began to come together.

I have been using this blog for a while to share my thoughts about the products I'm building and working on. Writing about design decisions, feedback from users, etc.

No, I'm going to go deeper into other topics, like marketing, growing a brand, copywriting, sales, and building a business. These are all skills that I am growing and adding to my tool belt all the time.

Part of this is so that I have all the good stuff or the stuff that I think could help me in the same place, right here in my blog. So why not share that with everyone at the same time?

About the Format

Some of these posts will just be, heard this podcast, these are some ideas I thought are interesting.

Others will be more in detail, pulling a few bits of information together into a single post with different ideas or a common theme.

Executing the ideas

I like to execute the ideas I have, try things out and see what works and what doesn't making tweaks and adjustments based on results.

I'll be using this series to document and evolve these ideas and see where I end up.

Last Update: November 14, 2022

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