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Kudu is the central nervous system of a Microsoft Azure Web App.

To access your Kudu console, navigate to https://appname.scm.azurewebsites.net. (note: open the kudu console under a new tab in the same browser as you are logged into the azure portal)

Once you open the kudu you should see the console.

Azure Kudu


Will provide a break down of the system information. The Application information.


Debug Console

This lets you open a cmd prompt or a Powershell prompt. (no really)

Run the command

powershell –command get-process

This will show you the running processes for the Azure Web app.

Process Explorer

It's our old favourite Process Explorer but on our Azure Webapp

Process Explorer


Tools gives us access to more diagnostic tools.

Azure Kudu Tools

  • Diagnostic Dump
  • Log Stream - This is the log output from our Web app
  • WebJobs Dashboard - If we're using Web jobs
  • Web hooks
  • Download Deployment scripts
  • Support - Someone to yell at
Site Extensions

There are a load of Extensions that can be added to your site. In an earlier post we used site Extensions to add Lets Encrypt to Windows Azure

Installed Extensions

Under Gallery there is a large number of Extensions that can help pimp out your Azure Web App.

Site Extensions

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