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Using Polypane with Visual Studio.

By James Kenny
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Polypane is a fantastic tool for building websites and web applications. It allows me to test across multiple viewports and keeps everything in sync while I do but the parts that blow me away are the accessibility features and performance testing. It has become a vital part of my workflow.

So I set visual studio to open directly in Polypane for debugging. (I was doing the copy/paste thing for longer than I care to admit 😊)

Visual Studio - Set to open Polypane when debugging.
Visual Studio - Set to open Polypane when debugging.

Every time I run debug from Visual Studio it now opens the web app or website in Polypane

Select Web Browsers

By default, Polypane didn't register as a browser in Visual Studio, so I had to add it.

Under the debug option, expand the web browser menu and click "Browse With.."

Select  browse with from the debug options.
Select Browse With from the debug options.

This will open the menu to allow you to add Polypane as a browser.

Browsers that are available to Visual Studio for debugging.
Visual Studio - Screenshot of the browsers available. 

Adding Polypane

To add Polypane as an option click "Add"

Add the path to Polypane from your system and give it a friendly name,
Visual Studio - Browse with Add Polypane

Adding the path to Polypane and then giving it a friendly name, I was very original and called it Polypane, I came close to "the super amazing browser" but decided I'd never remember what I was doing if I did that.

Once you add it and hit ok you just have to select Polypane and select "set as default and you're done.

Visual Studio - Polypane set as default
Visual Studio - Polypane set as default

Now when you debug from Visual Studio it will open Polypane.

This post is just for Visual Studio, for other options to open Polypane as localhost check out the post: always open localhost in your development browser

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Last Update: May 29, 2024

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