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Well, it all started with a suggestion of fixing up a house, it would only take a couple of weeks they said. That was 6 months ago.

So you could say I've taken on more than I can chew, and if you know me that will come as no surprise at all.

Kitchen progress

The kitchen you see above in the photos had to be gutted and stripped back to its bones and then rebuilt, with new walls, floor, ceiling. Some of it I am really happy with, other bits I look at them even now and think "I'll do that again later" - (Note: I never will) It means I don't procrastinate over the little things.

I've been sharing updates about all of that on Twitter and my Instagram stories - and likely boring everyone.

Over the next few weeks, I will hopefully get the flooring done in the main room (which will also be the office as well) and hallway then I can start flooring the kitchen.

Get the shower wired in and tested to make sure all that works then I can finish the bathroom, I don't want to close up the walls and floor it until it all runs ok in case I have to start taking things down.

The only thing I don't have now is the flooring for the bedroom, but if I can get the floor down on the main room I can empty the bedroom and get flooring for it and then it's move-in ready.

I say move-in ready like it's a real thing, there is a list of things that I won't do anything about until I move in, once I'm in I can get moving on that list and get them finished off how I want them done.

It has not been an easy thing, I'm doing most of the work myself so learning a lot of new things as I go and one thing is for sure, everything takes longer than you think it will take.

It is so all-consuming, sucking in time and energy like a black hole. I did get a bit of burnout, trying to do too much and everything all at the same time but I stepped back a bit and slowed everything down. Doing it at my pace and what works for me.  

So other things have taken a hit over the last few months.

I'm still getting out and doing some photography - my creative distraction.

Photo from the misty forest.

Plus I've been doing a lot of thinking as I paint walls, so much paint!! and that's another thing I've learned if a wall hasn't been painted for 40 years, it takes a lot of paint to paint that wall. I mean A LOT!! So if anyone is looking for empty buckets I might have a few.

Contentr and Audience

Contentr and Audience have had some bits of work done on them but nothing major and I'm planning to refocus on them a bit more in the next few weeks. I'll have a more detailed post on each project coming out soon.


I have a huge list of ideas and thinking to change them, with Audience the change will be towards having a really great writing experience and less focus on the tech bits. It's great to be able to send emails from your own email provider BUT if you are already sending an email newsletter you don't care as much about that bit as you do about the writing experience you have.

So it's really down to the editor and how that works, I've been trying out a few different ideas there to see how they fit together and I'm really excited about what I'm building and what's coming out.


With Contentr it will again be a deeper focus on the user experience and making it really easy to market and share your content and reuse that content. I got caught out with Contentr, trying to make it too like other tools but also making it different at the same time, so it ended up getting confused.

So I want to have a good writing experience in Contentr too, you already have the content, I have to make it easy to take that content and use it. Create threads from a blog post or create different posts from the same bit of content. Different takes and ideas.


Commented (which runs the comments on this blog) I have been testing it and building a list of features and fixes that will be coming to it next, it's still in beta but will be closer to launch by the end of the year.

Thank you for reading, I'll leave you with a sunset photo until we meet again.

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Last Update: March 16, 2022

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